Turboalgor success stories

Turboalgor over the course of about 3 years has installed over 30 energy efficiency devices with good results, both in terms of energy benefits and product reliability. The technology brought to market so far has been aimed at plants operating with HFCs and has been applied to both existing plants (Stand Alone Kit) and new plants (Integrated Solution).

From 2023, Turboalgor will only offer the solution in integrated mode in plants.



Chemical & Pharma

See how Turboalgor works in systems operating with HFCs

The greater the difference between the evaporation temperature and the condensation temperature, the greater the benefits obtainable.

Di Battista Food

Di Battista Food

Di Battista Food operates in the food distribution sector.
It uses an automated warehouse with 12,000m² of refrigerated area and 10,750 m3 of cold storage and is able to supply up to 1,500 deliveries per day. It chose to install 2 integrated solutions, achieving an energy saving of 11% and an increase in refrigeration power of 19%.


Benini Algida

For more than 45 years, Benini has been distributing ice cream and bakery products of leading Italian and international brands. It manages more than 1,500 customers, thanks to a capillary sales network. It has installed 2 Turboalgor LT1 kits for its R448a refrigerant systems, achieving a energy saving of 10% and an increase in cooling power of 18%.



STEF is the European specialist in temperature-controlled agri-food transport and logistics and has been operating in Italy for 30 years. Thanks to the installation of two Turboalgor LT2 kits, it has achieved a energy saving of 12% and an increase in cooling power of 20%.

C.I.T. - Composite Materials Italy

C.I.T. - Composite Materials Italy

C.I.T. is an Italian company part of the Toray Group. It focuses on the development, production and distribution of complete solutions for advanced composites. It chose to install 4 Turboalgor LT2 Kits for its R452a systems, achieving a energy saving of 13% and an increase in cooling power of 22%.

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The EU’s challenge is also our challenge.

Turboalgor is the company at the head of COLD ENERGY, a project financed by the European Community with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions and improving the efficiency of cooling systems.

  • Increased competitiveness

    Turboalgor contributes to increasing the competitiveness of European companies in the refrigeration industry.

  • CO₂ reductions

    Using cutting-edge technology, Turboalgor is able to cut carbon emissions, in line with EU directives.

  • For new or existing systems

    With its three application solutions, Turboalgor can intervene on both new and existing systems.