How it works

How it works

Turboalgor's innovation

Turboalgor is an energy efficiency system for vapour compression refrigeration systems

The refrigerant in a conventional refrigeration system has an important point of inefficiency: the expansion valve.
This takes the refrigerant from a high pressure to a low pressure, dissipating energy.

By incorporating an expansion-compression valve and heat exchanger, Turboalgor improves energy efficiency and cooling capacity by 'pre-compressing' the fluid before the main compressor, without requiring additional energy.

Compatible refrigerant fluids

Turboalgor can be applied to refrigeration systems operating with any refrigerant: CO₂, HFO, R290, NH3, HFC.

The EU’s challenge is also our challenge.

Turboalgor is the company at the head of COLD ENERGY, a project financed by the European Community with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions and improving the efficiency of cooling systems.

  • Increased competitiveness

    Turboalgor contributes to increasing the competitiveness of European companies in the refrigeration industry.

  • CO₂ reductions

    Using cutting-edge technology, Turboalgor is able to cut carbon emissions, in line with EU directives.

  • For new or existing systems

    With its three application solutions, Turboalgor can intervene on both new and existing systems.