Areas of application

Areas of application

Turboalgor is the cooling industry revolution.

Food Industry

Controlled temperatures are essential to the food industry to preserve the quality and the organoleptic qualities of the products. This requires a large amount of energy. TurboAlgor technology guarantees substantial energy savings, with an investment that can offer payback within a maximum of four years.

Chemical & Pharma industry

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, constant temperature is vital during the production and conservation stages of the medicines. With the advanced version of TurboAlgor, complete with real-time remote monitoring software, you can keep the energy savings from the kit under constant control.

GDO & Retail

Products stored at low temperatures (LT) in the GDO and Retail sectors are a substantial part of their offer and involve high energy costs, especially during the summer. By applying TurboAlgor, you can benefit from significant savings on your energy costs.

Refrigerated logistic & transports

Refrigerated logistics use large warehouses and refrigerated means to store and transport foods. TurboAlgor technology increases energy savings by up to +23% as well as boosting the power of the systems already in use by up to +56%, a fact which also prolongs their useful lifetime.

The EU’s challenge is also our challenge.

Turboalgor is the company at the head of COLD ENERGY, a project financed by the European Community with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions and improving the efficiency of cooling systems.

  • Increased competitiveness

    Turboalgor contributes to increasing the competitiveness of European companies in the refrigeration industry.

  • CO₂ reductions

    Using cutting-edge technology, Turboalgor is able to cut carbon emissions, in line with EU directives.

  • For new or existing systems

    With its three application solutions, Turboalgor can intervene on both new and existing systems.

News and events

  • Free Piston Expander, una nuova strada per la refrigerazione naturale efficiente

    TurboAlgor mette a punto una nuova tecnologia per aumentare l’efficienza degli impianti a CO2


  • Un grande successo per Chillventa 2022

    Chillventa si conferma la fiera di riferimento del settore.


  • Fraunhofer gives a new measurement report to Turboalgor Kit

    Fraunhofer gives a new measurement report to Turboalgor Kit


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