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Composite Materials Italy (CIT), is an Italian company part of the Toray Group.
CIT is focused on the development, production and distribution of complete solutions for advanced composites, in particular a wide range of traditional, unidirectional and multiaxial fabrics, prepregs with its own formulated and manufactured epoxy, phenolic, and cyano-ester resin systems.

Benefits of the Turboalgor Kit:
on average: +13% energy savings and +19% increase in cooling capacity.

  • Existing refrigeration system
  • Turboalgor Kit installed
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Turboalgor product range

Our products cover a range of different combinations of cooling power and evaporation temperatures to meet the needs of the whole cold chain. We offer three solutions to suit the different integration levels: Stand Alone kit, Integrated Solution and Advanced Integrated Solution.

Product range

Payback period of no more than 4 years for every Turboalgor system.

News and events

  • Un grande successo per Chillventa 2022

    Chillventa si conferma la fiera di riferimento del settore.


  • Chillventa 2022

    Turboalgor will be at Chillventa 2022!


  • Fraunhofer gives a new measurement report to Turboalgor Kit

    Fraunhofer gives a new measurement report to Turboalgor Kit


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